The Cadet Hall (or Castle) at Park Plaza Hotel in Boston was Americas
tallest      wooden flagpole at 150' This is now a Smith and Wolensky
Below dad paints a tall nautical flagpole in Annapolis, Maryland
Moses State Park
Long Island, NY
Rescue of American flag
atop county Adm. Bldg
Morris County, NJ
Had to climb flagpole at City Hall of Providence, RI to replace halyard (rope)
1st week of January, 2013 It was 5degrees but Richard Mills and i got it done.
Mom and dad love Boston and had a great time on Old Ironsides (below)
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hoose. boston, providence, new york,
maryland      by  Robert Mills
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From atop the 100' flagpole for our friends     
at  Sound Associates in Yonkers, NY