Proud to climb flagpoles to paint and repair for Americas Military Bases, Government     
Buildings, VA Cemeteries, state and local Governments and all patriotic Americans nationwide
Flagpole Repair Specialists
Nationwide  Flagpole service
Roof Mount and Hard to
    Flagpoles are our
Professional Flagpole Painting
Rob Mills and his father Gary were a father and son team working
as Flagpole Climbers, Flagpole Painters, Flagpole Repair Techs
Now Rob carries on the family tradition.

Robert Mills
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Complete Flagpole Maintenance
Steeplejacks / Flagpole Climbers
Keep your valuable employees safe always hire a professional steeplejack
We climb flagpoles Cranes can't reach.  Quality Flagpole Repair made using   
the finest American Made Parts and Ropes nationwide and often overnight.

Flagpole painting, tower painting, tank painting, light pole painting,               
windmill painting, light bulb changing, restring flagpole, relamp tower,
flagpole repair, if it's high we probably do it. building-top poles our specialty.
We also paint most other tall structural steel
If we don't do it we have a nationwide network of Steeplejacks on call who     
are professionally  trained in all aspects of steeplejack work
Below is a list of many other services we supply:
An All-American small business doing big things so America's flags keep flying high.
John Drinkwine assists Gary Hoose as he paints the flagpole on the  
Thurgood Marshall Fed courthouse, Manhattan. Noah Drinkwine of
Flint also assisted in arrangement and logistics of its completion.
Looking Down from Mott Bldg, Flint, Mi
God Bless the USA
January 2013 started off with  Richard Mills  
helping replace a rope on the Providence, RI
City Hall flagpole. Pole is actually a ships mast.
We specialize in hard to reach areas. If your's is easy to access our advise is to shop
locally,   But when nobody can reach or you want the job done quick with minimal
traffic disruption or without a crane on your lawn call us. We do the jobs others wont
touch. We climb, thats what we do, and we know the right part to give the longest life
to your flagpole in Hurricane winds.
Rob Mills and Gary rebuilt 12 poles on French Auditorium of
OSU keeping son Erick Sredersas busy assembling parts on the
roof. Gary was proud to work with all 4 sons.
Sending a picture of the job site is always
when emailing us for a quote.
Complete flagpole repair & service
Nationwide Flagpole Repair and Painting Service